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This is where we'll update you on how our trip is going.

26 Dec, 2011 - Christmas day... by Ruby

As I had no guests to feed, and it was our kids turn to be with the "other side"... Karen, my little friend kindly invited us to                                             share their Christmas day with them and theirs. It was lovely catching up on news with old friends and neighbors.                                                          We all ate too much of the delicious lunch, that was finished at dinner time, when more people arrived for a drink and catch up.

Impossible to catch everybody on film, but heres Karen in the red dress giving out the prezzies... Noel in the background watching                                  with his eyes closed,Karen's mum Janice sitting beside him, and Rex her hubby with his back to the camera, and me sharing                                              a joke with Mark, who is not in the pic at all! Such a lovely relaxed happy day... cheers, Karen and Rex

whilst petting "Alfie" Rex's mums gorgeous lap dog.