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This is where we'll update you on how our trip is going.

03 Apr, 2008 - Sioux City to Kansas City by Ruby
on the way up from Sioux City, we passed heaps of Firework shops and finally stopped at one. This huge room full of all these amazing fireworks that we had never ever seen before! they sell them all year round, but you gotta leave the state to use them. At Kansas City we stayed two nights and we wandered around town. Had lunch at a nice Irish bar in a new district they call power and light, adding the pic of us all. Havent taken too many pics over the last few days, cause one brown plain looks much the same as the other ones! but further on to Oklahoma, which is where we are now there was miles and miles of burnt/ black plains. ( controlled burn offs ) so no dimwit can set the country alight! then there were miles of brilliant green plains, which we were told is either wheat, soya, or cotton. Later found out it was not cotton, but soya.