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This is where we'll update you on how our trip is going.

28 Feb, 2012 - visit to mum and dads by Ruby

Took last Sunday and Monday off to drive to Kawhia and visit my olds... got a great surprise to hear that my

eldest brother Alan was coming over from Australia at the same time. We all had a lovely catch up  ''remembering stuff '' over

few drinks to celebrate mum and dads 64th wedding anniversary.


my dear olds still ticking away... people stop and take pics of dads sunflowers... Alan 64yrs, dad 92yrs. Alan's having a beard competition

with his mates back in Aus.... well thats what he tells us anyway.


I went to 'pop in' with mum for the morning, had great fun playing housie, yakkin with the olds and celebrating some of their birthdays.

Mum dropped me in it, and I ended up giving a wee speech about our lodges which seemed to go down pretty well.


Alan peach picking for dad, and dad lost in his vege patch... me with big brother and mum

 Chookie right at home with Matt