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19 Jul, 2012 - MY BIRTHDAY ON THE 14Th July by Ruby

I am just doing this fast.... I had the bestest birthday in a long time.... starting with the night before...


Noel ran me a lovely bubble bath that the boys wanted to share.... table setting, and 10 guests week before, its like hire a party.


My best friends Sandra and Rosemary, with hubby's came for the night... we are on the way out to dinner. Born to fish

pic was so cool. Took it at the fishing comps the week before... and Riley and Connor, my grand boys were out for a

couple of nights then as well.


So here is a lovely young man who danced with me and had to buy me a drink....

then there is Trudy from the Post Office that strayed to our table...

and then the three not so little girls of the family.

Sometimes I think I will chuck the journal... but times like these makes me keep it on XXX nite everyone.