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This is where we'll update you on how our trip is going.

08 Aug, 2012 - Sat before by Ruby

We have had a very busy weekend.. so since we do not get out much, or I forget the camera, here the weekend is.

I had 23 guests and two babies of the extended family celebrating the parents Th wedding anniversary. They stayed two nights,

with me making them a three course meal on the second night. It really was a fun time... Noel has made this collapsible table,

that we have not used in over a year... so it took him and our friend Nik 2 hours to erect! they have since put numbers on the

different bits to make it easier next time.. Karen my friend from over the way lent me the purple flowers to help the decorations.



Flowers I made for the buffet table.... Noel and Nik taking a coffee break... our new conference room if I have not already put it in.