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This is where we'll update you on how our trip is going.

04 Apr, 2008 - Oklahoma Tornado Country by Emil

We breezed into Oklahoma City late yesterday afternoon, amid a heavy rain storm. In the process we stopped for lunch at  Wichita City and the girls kept a lookout for linesmen. Fortunately for us guys they didn't see any. For those to young to remember a song made famous by Glen Campbell many moons ago ( Wichita linesmen)"I think"

Driving in amidst the rain during rush hour does raise the stress levels (again) but everyone seems so patient, courtesy abounds, and road rage seems non -existent, its either having NZ plastered on the bikes or they are to scared to cause an accident and being sued, everyone justs backs off. Bless them. Its hairy though having these large trucks and trailers travelling beside and passing you doing 65 -70 mph, spray and water enveloping you You just cannot see a bloody thing for 20 seconds or so. Then Grumpy saying stay close ,stay on my tail or we will lose each other. ah its soooo  simple ....... But FUN just part of biking.

This morning we check out of our rooms and headed into the city its self to check out the Oklahoma National Memorial, that is dedicated to those souls that lost their lives in the Oklahoma bombing. A truly beautiful memorial So well designed and meaningful, a delight to visit, even with all the sadness,  most likely the best I have seen. After this checked out the surrounding area, including HOOTERS (lunch) a complete and utter disappointment for "US BOYS" , the food was terrible, headed out of town 30 miles (Shawnee ) away before the rain fell from the heavens again

Tonight we have a possible Tornado warning. The lady at the desk said IF THE ALARMS GO  rush down into the lobby you should be safe there. Although we think it may be cool to sit one out,  I am a bit worried about our bikes

We are not allowed to bring them inside        


    Rain outside and us all warm inside