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This is where we'll update you on how our trip is going.

04 Apr, 2008 - Shawnee to Fort Leonard Wood- part Route 66 by Ruby
well we left Shawnee for somewheres toward St Luis. Hit Tulsa hungry and needing a pee. Finally found a diner, that just happened to be on the corner of  route 66!!! yaaa. The diner was cool, old and friendly and tasty. After we finished our brecky, Noel rode our bike onto the pavement by Em and they both backed off so I could take the appropriate pics. Then as I was packing the camera away, Noel had an Alsymers attack!! hey! where are the keys? Ruby you didn't give me the keys back!  ho hum, heres the bike still humming away where he just rode it! we all cracked up and rode off on our first leg of route 66. Which we only stayed on for about 20 miles then returned to the interstate and made it to Fort Leonard Wood, only after makin a premature turning which took us out into the sticks on a really well maintained rd of about 20kms to come to an abrupt stop at the army's sentry post!! no entry for civies.. so a quick u turn and back onto the main road. All pretty buggered, dined, watched the box then bed. On the way up we stopped at a cafe called Ruby Tuesday