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This is where we'll update you on how our trip is going.

05 Apr, 2008 - Fort Leonard Wood to St Louis by Ruby
After a scrummy breakfast, we hoped on our trusty Victories and headed off. First stop being  Merrimac caverns  on the Merrimac river. We past the caming grounds that had been swamped at easter, the river rose 34ft and devastated all the little cabins.. you could see the huge clean up job they had done. Anyway the carven is absolutely huge! We did not take the trip right ithru, but could see heaps. Took about 1/2 hr there then decided to head off for a coffee. For not the first time Noel said.. you can bring the bike up Ruby, so I took the keys and trotted off with Em. I'm gonna do it I said as I hitched my leg over and said now what. Well he told me how to turn it on and put it in gear, all the while holding it up for me ( bloody thing weighs a ton! ) let me go I say, and ease it into 1st gear. Em says your on you're own.. and with my heart in my mouth I take off! whoa sooo scary and exciting! for all of 50 mtrs, then I yelled at Noel to grab me, just as I slammed on the brakes and crashed!! well it wasn't that spectacular really, I just kinda keeled over on my side. Scraped the mirror and the thingy thats meant to stop it falling flat. Not too bad for a first go, next time I'll try on a flat piece with the boys at the ready to grab me. Then we headed off to St Louis, had a wander around, more food and decided to go up the Arch. 63 stories high! just amazing. You could see forever. We went in this tiny tram that fitted just 5 people inside of one of the arches to the top viewing windows. Not before we had to go thru an xray machine to make sure we were not a security risk. Then back down the other arch fair flying.. gravity pulled the guy said. Made friends with some people from Kentucky while we were waiting our turn,that invited us to stay if we were down that way for the dirby. People are soo nice here.