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This is where we'll update you on how our trip is going.

08 Apr, 2008 - Go North Young Man by Emil

We set off travelling north to Springfield, the capital city of  Illinois. The home of Abe Lincoln the 16th president of United States, and in the process travelled some of Route 66   The old historic road has seen better days so needless to say we didn't  motor very far on it . But we did find a Diner that was most likely standing on the same corner when the road was in its hey-day A real gem of a place Great atmosphere to go along with the eggs bacon and hash browns  and endless supply of coffee.

After this we carried on North and found a place called Elkhart for a late lunch. Now there is not to much to say between meals as all we saw was acres upon acres of land ready to be planted in Maize (corn) and soy bean's wheat but mainly corn. Very huge farms, land just fading into the distance in every direction. You could say boring and covering ground as we do at 80 mph, it takes hours to pass                                                                                But in little country towns you find the people willing to take time out and sit and chew the fat with you as you eat their delightful home baking and drinking cup after cup of coffee . This fine gentleman described to us all the in and outs of corn growing ,from when to plant, till harvest ,the same with soy.  A really pleasant hour spent in the company of some lovely people and home baking.  

That evening we retired to a Casino - motel at Bettendorf, Iowa.,beside the great Mississippi River. Interesting for on one of the river side you have the State of Illinois over the bridge into the State of Iowa       

   The Very busy Main Street of Elkhart    1 car every 2hours    PIC  2  State building  and Visions ( Note beautiful Day )   PIC 3   Yes SIR !!  Right away SIR      our first brush with the law