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This is where we'll update you on how our trip is going.

10 Apr, 2008 - Minneapolis--La Crosse by Ruby

The day before we had traveled up from Iowa in temperatures around the 38-40 degrees F  Bloody cold it was toooooooooooooo!!!!!  Had to explain to Blondie it had to be done. Not a happy girl she was and struggles with the cold.  Wishes to head off  down  deep south to the sun and beaches, but thats not what we are doing, as we head over to wards Chicago, weather allowing.

We arrived in Minneapolis  again late in the afternoon and made arrangements to meet Mike Dapper, a journalist for Victory, as he was interested in doing a story for their magazine, proceeded to interview us and show us some sights of Minneapolis.,Once that was finished he dropped us off at the worlds largest Mall. 240 odd shops the place was huge  and included ferris-wheels, roller-coaster. You could spend a day there just letting the kids enjoy all the rides   Once again Noel and I were out of pocket ,just too many shops for the girls

This morning we meet up again with Mike who had made arrangements for us to meet the staff and designers of the VISION  at their development plant north of the city. Signing off... Emil

Ruby  continues...........................     What a blast!! the brains of the outfit met us at the door, with introductions all round, then off to a delicious lunch and chat with a table full of employees of various positions in the plant. Only about 17 women to around 200 men!!  Whilst at lunch the development engineers were checking out our bikes for performance ( they found that everything was honky dorey ) but it was decided that we could have a ride with the tester guys in their recreational utility vehicles while we were waiting... we do not have them at home yet.They look like A.T.Vs, but ride like little trucks, just with more bounce! Anyway ,Lindsey took us off to outfit us for the ride! we looked soo funny, like miners, or sumuari wrestlers. We took off with Todd and Larry for some mud splattering fun round the test track at full speed! After our thrills, we all changed back into our gear and Stacey and Jason guided us around the plant. It was soo interesting.. saw heaps of things they do developing the bikes etc. But had to sign a paper   so we don't sell their secrets, naaa not really. But it was totally totally... GREAT! we never expected, and were completely blown away with the warm and imformative 3 hours spent with these wonderful Polaris people..... Please guys, if we have missed any names or got any wrong, forgive us. There was so many faces saying hi.        Pic one.. Mike Dapper in control of our photo shoot! ( famous for a day )       Pic two ... us and some of the development team at Polaris Development Centre  Pic 3..  Noels Buzz   Pic 4... Blondie and Buggie