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This is where we'll update you on how our trip is going.

12 Apr, 2008 - Spring Green by Ruby
Left Viroqua after dusting the sprinkling of snow off our bikes. Had a great ride thru some of the back  roads to a tidy little town called Richland Centre. Stopped for a whopping big brecky, and found out that there were a few Frank Lloyd Wright buildings in town. We found a warehouse that he had designed... in need of repair, but apparently the people that own it, wont sell, and are not maintaining it either, which is a shame. But it was a bit of a thrill to see it anyway. Then we took off for his house called Taliesin which was built in the early nineteen hundreds. Frank used this as his primary home and lived there for 48yrs. We couldn't go in, but at the visitors centre which he also designed.. was assorted replicas of his furniture, light stands etc that he had designed for his homes. The man was a genius. And then a few miles down the road, we stopped at the House on the Rock. The guy who designed this amazing place was 6' 4'' and the ceilings in the house were just 6' so he either had a bent back, or was a real eccentric. The rooms are hard to describe with justice. Firstly it was all dim, the ceilings had carpet on them, the colours were rich reds and blues mostly, and it reminded us of hobbits ville, but with NO shortage of money. He only made his fortune when he finished the house, enabling him to carry on constructing yet more rooms to house the most astonishing collections of Fabergé eggs, model streets  of a bygone era, dolls, china, stuffed animals, and a heap of stuff from Asia just everything you could ever imagine! There was even this gynormous room that we walked three tiers up on the outside walls where there were case upon case of model ships... and all manner of sea stuff. And in the middle of the room was this like, three times life size Moby Dick, with a monstrous octopus entwined around him. The whole place was gob smackingly amazing!   First pic.. huge urns lined the drive way. 2nd pic Asian statue. 3rd pic the infinity room, hung out over the land. 4th pic a huge tiffany table lamp