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This is where we'll update you on how our trip is going.

13 Apr, 2008 - Chicago by Ruby
A great trip down from Spring falls, via Milwaukee.  We spent two days in this Beautiful City. Had a lovely lunch down at the Navy Pier, which is a fun, theme park type affair on the banks of Lake Michigan. Then we spent hours wondering around gaping at the buildings and the park sculptures which are out of this world, only managed to take pics of a few of them. Noel and I took the lift up to the Hancock observatory, 94 floors up! the view was breathtaking... and I got to wash one of the windows! After dinner we found a real cool little bar called The Redhead that had live jazz. the dude singing had a powerful voice and did some Neil Diamond numbers that sounded like the real thing. The bar tender was extremely generous with the size of the drinks he poured, but we didn't complain, which saw us rolling home bout 1am. Tues saw us leave the city in fine windy weather... we had a real Hairy Mckleary riding over the bridge with the winds gusting. pic 1 Ruby washing windows 94 floors up. pic 2 Iron mens legs sculpture. pic 3 Part of Chicago