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This is where we'll update you on how our trip is going.

18 Apr, 2008 - Chicago down into Indiana by Emil

So we finally left Chicago two days ago, Noel said that he would like to stay longer but accommodation was starting to get a bit steep especially for the bikes $35 /p.d each even though we only used one spot .Pointed south and ended up in Lafayette after spending hours being diverted at road works but we did stop and saw one of the largest dairying operations I have ever seen .Unfortunately it was late afternoon and only the staff who ran the shop were there.

This operation was family owned and operated 10 farms spread over a large area 32000 cows  32000 acres  The farm that we had seen from the road  had 3000 cows and not a green paddock in sight,call me a fiber then, one slight green paddock. The silage stacks were HUGE and these long feeding barns. I would hate to think how much they spend cropping  to feed their animals. The shop was one source of income as they sold milk and all sorts of cheese

We spent yesterday trying to organise the shipping of our bikes to Europe and at this stage looks expensive  then went for a bike ride around Indianapolis. Ended up at a Bikie Bar  called the Stables, the locals made us welcome and even got to talk to a guy who had just brought a new Victory  Vision. Today  we will move on depending where the wind blows because the last few days it has hammered us and in fact is quite scary, the good thing is the SUN is shinning Smiles all round Cheers 

 PIC 1   Fair Oaks Farm   (Note the sign)                                                                               PIC 2  Heli pad Chicago