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This is where we'll update you on how our trip is going.

19 Apr, 2008 - Lets Go To Nashville by Emil

The morning was bright and beautiful so where else to go but down to Nashville  The day was warm and windless, ah this was more like it, the temp in the high 70s F ,and what a difference all round The scenery started to change and it all seemed as though spring had suddenly sprung up before our eyes  More trees in bloom Trees with young new leaves and more and more paddocks with that lovely green grass The real stuff that we miss from back home. Talking about home, we are constantly reminded of home and of our friends, because we go through towns with names or street names  and a vision of peoples faces flash through our minds ,well mine anyway and it  helps to fills  in the hours   when there is not much interesting happening

Since Chicago the traffic has grown in volume more cars and trucks . Noel has passed the comment on more than once " where do they all come from "  Its not unusual to see 6-8 big rigs in a line both sides of the road  some passing others holding up traffic but they always pull into their lane as soon as they can  Noels other comment " Half these trucks are only partially loaded " what a waste . Maybe from that you may gather we think there is so much wastage here  The amount of food that  is put on a plate,  then so much makes the rubbish bin is amazing  

Tonight we will be down town Nashville singing and dancing  , till the next report cheers 

Enjoying the sun                                                                                                                            A lovely day for a ride 

             Spring Time at last