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22 Apr, 2008 - Dragons Tail North Carolina by Emil

After spending the night at Venore, recovering from two late nights in Nashville we thought that a excursion down towards the famed bike riders paradise of Cherohala was needed. We sort of meandered off looking this place and found that we didn't really need to look to hard. Every so often  bikes would shot past us all heading in the same direction so we knew we must be on the right track. After stopping again at a nice secluded Bible fearing town , a cheap and well earned late breakfast, we headed off into the hills following the Cherohala Skyway for a return run on the DRAGONS TAIL . Before we left we were warned that every weekend some biker or other dies on this so to be extraordinary careful and with farewells of GOD BLESS YOU we were on our way.  

The Skyway started off as being very scenic with views that extended for miles in all directions, Plenty of bikers that gathered around when we stopped,  to checkout these Victory Visions and have a yarn. The road then climbed  to around 5500 feet as we continued our ride and with that so did the scenery. Not bleak and barren but spring had not yet arrived up this high as yet, we did notice that the temperature dropped from a warm  of 64 degrees F  to a cool 44 F though. After a pit stop in Robbinsville and a lovely hot coffee at a café  RUBY'S REST : rubysinrobbinsville@yahoo.com  Need I say it was Free ....Many thanks to Dustin and Staff,  we decided it was now or never .........    Both Noel and I were  shall I say a tiny bit nervous, (  He seemed to take forever to leave the toilet )   there are over 318 corners in the distance of 11 miles, but the road is actually  brilliant , well made and well kept.  Notorious for the law and dare devil speedsters  we remained calm ( YEA RIGHT ) through the trip with grumpy only stopping for one nervous pee. Me I was still in shock to nervous to peeeeeeeeeee,  Needless to say we made it, most likely due to all those God fearing people that have crossed our path since we have been here,,,,,, bless them 

On this part of the ride we passed a tree  where all bikers ( or friends ) hang  parts of bikes and accessories to pay tribute to the DRAGON , because they have been slayed. In saying that we came upon one biker sitting in a ditch,  machine as well, waiting for the ambulance with the local law enforcement officers in attendance. A grim reminder for us to be careful out there   

Today we have traveled on and ended up in Moreshead Kentucky.,slowly making our way towards Washington D.C  

PIC 1  Death Wish                                                                                                                                  Pic 2    Bikers Hang Out & the Tree of Shame

Pic  3  Chin- wag  at Skyway                                                                                   Pic  4   A scenery shot  on the ride