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This is where we'll update you on how our trip is going.

22 Apr, 2008 - Morehead Kentucky to Romney West Virginia by Ruby

So where shall I start? the trip, or what we had for dinner last night.. Well I'll start with dinner, food seems to be taking the lead these days... naa not quite true. But the buffet with more variety of salads than I have ever seen before, or the array of meats cooked to perfection.Or last but certainly not least the desserts! " just a spoon full of sugar makes the medicine go down, makes the medicine go... " and so cheap! gotta say it Kiwis, these buffets make ours look miserable.

Ok, so we left a few kilos heavier towards Washington D.C. We were havin such a cool ride with few big trucks, beautifully kept road sides with heaps of green trees and pink blossoms. Tho we noticed we were heading into hillbilly country, with the rough houses down in the valleys and under the highway, when we came to a bend and a long line of vehicles crawling along at stop start speed. 10mins down, we saw the problem, about six highway patrol cars were escorting a house removal. Well we snaked our way past splitting lanes and finally decided to haul off to a small side town called Sutton for lunch. We pulled up to a derelict looking diner that proclaimed itself as the oldest in  the town, and when we entered the dark dingy room I had to agree. These are what we like the most, always get to talk to the locals, and without exception the food is even cheaper if possible, and tasty. We got chatting with this old dude that, try to read it as I spell it, told us .. " Arve bean darn tha ceanta plaayin bluegreass buart hi ain't bean playhin inn awhiles aen arve got this hear blissta hon ma fingar" he was so lovely, but HARD to understand. Anyway, after lunch we went over the road for gas, and I handed over a $20 note which the lady promptly marked with a pen.. so OK I asked why did you do that? Well dear, she replys, you would be surprised how many counterfeit bills we get around here. hmmm.

Off into the saddle for another couple of hours which took us deeper into hillbilly country. The road wound round, and up and down over huge mountain ranges consisting mostly of rock with a thin sprinkling of dirt to sprout trees growing at unimaginable angles. The scenery was breathtaking, and the road was every bit as thrilling as The Tail of the Dragon, but with less cars and way less stress for the boys, unless you counted the possibility of breakin down in them thar hills. We finally stopped on top of a mountain called Laurel coffee and a pee, when we got talking to this guy who introduced himself as a hillbilly! which Noel promptly replied, yea, but I don't hear any banjos. Without batting his  eye, he replied... ohh you gotta go a ways off the road to find them. We all burst out laughing and hit the road again. With no offense to anybody we really cant believe the way most of these people were living in the hills. Few of the houses were maintained. There was junk of every description. Garbage bags over flowing, broken down fridges etc spilling out onto the porches and into the yards. Then the other side of the house might have a patch of mown lawn, like one had the lawn and a old rickety chair sitting all by itself beside a dead fire!. Or the little towns that at one end had deserted, and broken down houses, to the other end that had new housing! so is it easier to move than maintain? Weird. But all the same, this was the best days ride for me personally. Just never had the camera out, so hope Bren's got some pics to put in. Cheers for now.


  Note the name on the church sign