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28 Apr, 2008 - ANZAC DAY WASHINGTON D.C by Emil

After the previous day foot slogging it around the grounds of monument row D,C  checking out various museums and buildings, we had made plans to attend the Dawn Service Parade for us Anzacs at the Korean War Memorial 

We arrived early as people were starting  to gather to await the various sermons and addresses by numerous officials including our own Embassy staff . A crowd of around 300 people stood ,mostly Australian personal from the embassy and families ,watch as the wreaths were laid in front  of the Korean Memorial.  The venue in the early morning light gave the presence of reality with the statues, ghostly like figures appearing life like, made the occasion an even more meaning full. I am glad to have been there and been part of the service.

After the service we all wandered through the grounds and visited the Vietnam Memorial, so many names etched upon the walls.    

Ruby here... for me the ANZAC was a chance to pay my respects to our men and women who fought for our country, and for the freedom of all. But mostly, I get out of bed at that ungodly hour, in respect for my dad, John. E. Briggs who is now 88yrs old and a returned serviceman. A man whom I admire, and love dearly.       

Apart from the rather sobering, thought provoking service for ANZAC morn... we had a ball walking from Capital hill.. to Abe Lincolns memorial, which incidently is two miles long. The museums and the statues, the memorials, and the people! were just so interesting. All of which were free, and huge, and outstandingly well presented. The boys went twiceto the Aroplane and space museum, while Bren and I took a stroll to the Potomac river, really beautiful with the cheery tree blossoms that we obviuosly missed by a couple of weeks! still it was nice, then we returned to one of the Art galleries that we had skimmed thru the day before. We all watched two I Max films, which were great. Especially the three D one of the Building of the international space station. There sure are some clever buggers around. Tho two days, or about 17hrs walking and gaping was about as much as we could handle. I ended up with blisters on the bottoms of my toes, and we all had sore joints when we hitched up and onto our trusty Victories for the next adventure.