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This is where we'll update you on how our trip is going.

01 May, 2008 - Niagara by Emil

A short ride saw us in Niagara  for a change with Numb nuts leading the way. Thank the almighty that there was not much traffic actually I think Noel was  feeling under the weather. Yesterday turned out to be a wet cold day so we took the opportunity  to relax and for Noel to spend time sorting out shipping the bikes to Europe, insurance, etc  By the sounds of things its all ready to roll, but I am keeping my fingers crossed as you never know what around the corner.   

Brenda continues.......

From our hotel room we saw our first glimpse of the river and heard the roar and thunder of the rapids , we walked along the trails around the Goat Island , it is everything I thought it would be, as awesome as we expected but more so for me , this is a highlight of this trip (so far) absolutely impressive .


Today we will head off in the direction of Toronto, again the sun is shinning although there was a light frost on the ground this morning. The temperature has dropped from the high 70s in Washington down to the  cool 40s,you do notice it but hey we're tough, all that comfort  food we are eating is coming in handy