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This is where we'll update you on how our trip is going.

01 May, 2008 - Canada Niagara to Toronto by Ruby
We had a real nice chat to the toll booth guy, he was more interested in our bikes and what we were doing, than all the explosives and guns we were carrying in our panniers!. Truly, it is much nicer talking to the Canadian guards, compared to the American ones, who are really quite abrupt. I guess we have become unofficial Ambassadors of the Victory Vision bikes, every single day we get stopped by at least one person to chat and admire our bikes. Being Kiwis, has only added to the equation. We all really enjoy sharing our trip, and how we find the bikes to ride, etc etc. The trip to Toronto, was markedly cooler, but very pleasant. Quite slow really, we had a speed limit of 80kms... which after about 140kms seemed like we were really dragging our boots. No road kill to speak of, which made it a bit boring.. found myself dropping off a couple of times. Bloody scary jolting back to reality on a moving bike!. We arrived in Ontario bout 6pm with numb bums. This pic I have enclosed is the only one I took in Toronto. Its actually a huge printed canvas on the outer side of a building that is going up.. Pretty cool.
this is us before we left Niagara Canadian side