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This is where we'll update you on how our trip is going.

03 May, 2008 - Ottowa to ...... by Ruby
We left Ottowa in the sunshine, after stopping to look at some of the lovely old buildings there. Not too much to see on the first leg of the trip, and finally pulled  into a diner for lunch at 1.45. Nice food... and on towards Montreal. Actually we went thru Montreal and on to somewhere else that I havent the name for at the moment. Arriving bout 6pm. But! on the way, the weather deteriated into quite strong winds and markedly cooler. Making the trip much more interesting, and heaps of live ground hogs! just so cool watching the little critters feeding, and scratching. They look so funny running across the ground, the gap from their front legs to the back ones is very long, making them look like they are rippling over the ground in a big brown wave. It was interesting to see the road signage change as well,from mainly english to french. After we had booked into the motel and sorted ourselves out, we decided  to go to the local bar for dinner. What a laugh! it took me best part of  20MINS to get the barmaid to understand what drinks I wanted. Of course we all wanted spirits with different mixes which only confused things.. so I told the bums next round was gonna be beers. Much easier. So we all decided to point to the pictures depicting our meals to save confusion... Pertect! P.S I am using a french computer.. and cannot work the spelling correction thingy, so excuse me if there are some. Til later