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04 May, 2008 - Quebec by Ruby
What a beautiful place! especially the old city. Romantic even, with its 400yr old buildings, and crooked little roads. Most of the old houses are now eateries of all nationalities. The hotel we stayed in for two nights was very charming, most of the buildings are only two rooms deep, all going up two or four stories high.  The fort was very interesting to wander over, and the second day we were there, it was fine and warm making it very pleasant to wander around.there is still excavations and maintenance going on today. We past an archaeological dig at the far end.. a lot of the fort appears to be under about 30ft or more of soil that has been grassed over. We could see part of the living quarters of some of the inhabitants. With fire places, and sleeping shelves etc. Would be good to see when the excavations are complete. These are young winners of Rugby running their victory mile. Behind is part of the buildings that recently burnt containing a lot of Quebecs History. I am going to add a couple more pics, that at the moment will not go into the gallery

ok... so the middle one is of the biggest, and I am pretty sure the oldest Chateau in the old town... it was first built in 1768? and then they redid it later. 3rd pic is part of the same building that burnt.
Please do not get a magnifying glass out for this one... we all look hung over.