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This is where we'll update you on how our trip is going.

07 May, 2008 - Campbellton / New Brunswick to Halifax Nova Scotia by Ruby
From leaving Campellton to Halifax... hmmm. Well I got on the bike feeling pretty miserable. And I know Noel was. We have some sad news. For those that know HUTCH. He is no longer with us. Steve and Gary had the unenviable job of sending him to doggy heaven. And we thank them both for being so kind and considerate to Hutch and us. I adopted him almost 17ys ago, most of this time, he shared with Noel and his kids as well. To me, he was a most loyal and trusting companion. Just like humans, he had his quirks. Hutch was rather infamous for taking nips out of little people, or even big people that got into his face for that matter. He was terrified of thunder and lightning... we got to the stage where we would put his bed on our bed and forcibly hold him in. Our bed would shake and move all round the room! with his shivering. In the early days, he would sit at the end of the drive in the afternoon waiting for the kids to come home from school. Nero, Abby, and Murphy would as likely be there as well. Our three other dogs that gave up the ghost waaay before Hutch. Hutch was a real gentleman, anyone could steal his food... unless it was fish. He would sit out with me in the middle of the night watching the stars... probably wondering what the hell I was doing, but leaning against me in companionship. He never really liked water, but would swim out to us if we left him behind... he used to sing when we got the music up to a certain pitch. And in his later years, if I was still on the dance floor late, or what he considered late. Somehow he knew who's legs were mine, and he would just come and sit in front of me and whine. Needless to say, I would always take him off to bed and tuck him in. Just like human funerals I could go on and on about the virtues, and not so good things about this very individual dog.. but won't. So goodbye to a very special Friend. And to prove all things balance out, this morning where I started this narrative crying into my helmet, I saw a beautiful red fox! she/he was trotting along parallel to the highway beneath the trees, with a bunny looking type thing in her mouth... off to feed the babies! it was so nice. Every thing back in its place, the circle is complete once more.