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This is where we'll update you on how our trip is going.

10 May, 2008 - Halifax-Yarmouth-Digby-St John by Emil

Leaving Halifax on the 8th we headed off down to-wards Vermouth, the southern end of Nova Scotia. Trying to stay ahead off the rain we set off at a blistering pace, no not really. As we did not have far to go we knew that we would be riding into rain sooner than later. A long stop over in a village called Lynchburg, while the Ever son's sorted out technical problems (not the bikes) we were all on our way into the light rain which then turned into a mist or coastal fog. Visibility was cut down to a 100 metres at times but at least the roads were dry and we finally arrived into Vermouth around 5:30 pm

9th MAY    The next morning we checked out the small town that we could not see when we arrived.  With the bikes parked in the main street, they seemed to draw out the old bikers from the wood-work, and within minutes we were surrounded by people willing to talk and discuss what they thought of this latest  VISION TOURER.    An  entertaining interlude.  From here we moved on up to Dig by via the coastal road, a delightful ride which most likely showed us  the Nova Scotia that we perceived it to be. Beautiful views, homes that were typical of an era when this was a tradition fishing area 

On to the ferry which took us on a 3 hour crossing of the Bay of Fundy to Saint John,  New Brunswick.  Within an hour a voice asks us if we are the New Zea landers with the Visions. This gentleman turns out to be the Chief Engineer and an avid biker himself. So needless to say after exchanging pleasantries and talking about bikes and visiting the Isle of Mann, He invited Noel and myself down into the bowels of the ship to check out  some real horse power. For a ship of 38 years she was in reasonable  shape and the engine bay and console were impeccable. 4  V16 delivering   16000 horse power 

 Our thanks go to Rodger who escorted us through the maize of Stairwells and corridors,and taking time out of his busy schedule.This even extended to  as we left the ship yelling,  " follow me "  and drove through town and pointing us in the right direction towards accommodation for the night and a restaurant,  which leads to another story which Ruby can tell  

Rodger   if you ever find time to come down under give us a call