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This is where we'll update you on how our trip is going.

10 May, 2008 - Saint John by Ruby
I have to comment on yesterday first... cause that leads onto to day. Well we caught the Ferry as Ems written about. It was great! me and Bren went up on top to take some pics as we were casting off, freezing cold! didn't last long out, so we settled in for the three hour trip. Noel and I had books, Em had T.V, and Bren found a whole row of seats to herself and went to sleep, she has been crook for the last few days... we took her to the quack in Lunenburg. They have given her anti biotics, so she'll be fine.Man! its put us all off getting sick! bout 3hrs wait, and $230.00 later!!!  Such a pretty seaside tourist town. Heaps of old houses. Some of which I'll put into the gallery. Anyway... we were nodding off over our novels when this man came up and says.. excuse me sir, are you the ones with the bikes? at that I jumped up with a Oh No! thinking one of them had fallen over. But no he just wanted to chat, so the boys got into it, and I went back up on top, ( with my jacket this time ) it was soooo cold, and peaceful. We reached Saint John at 7.30pm, and after the engineer lead us into town, we went and found a cheap motel, showered and hopped onto the bikes again and returned to town for dinner. As we pulled up, and hopped off the bikes, this guy hauls up beside us in his car rolling down the window and drawls. You guys really from New Zealand? I say yea, and are you an Aussie? Na he laughs, I'm a Kiwi form Paraparam! I don't know how to spell it, but its near Wellington. " have you got some where to stay?" and before we can answer, he says " you've got to come home with me, you can stay with us." we laughed and told him we already had a motel, and then Noel tells him we are going for a drink and dinner, to come and join us. He says he's just got to drop off his daughter who was in the car with him, and go and get his wife. Well, I don't know if any of us thought we would see him again, but 1/2 hr later when we were in the bar talking to the locals he arrives with his wife! introductions were made all round and another round of drinks were consumed before we decided to go for dinner. It was great! Malcolm and Lisa catching up on what was going on back in Kiwi land.. and us getting insights of what its like to live in Canada. Then it was decided to go back to their place for a nitecap, which we did and a couple of gossipy hours later,  we decided we had better hit the road as it was past 1am, and everyone was feeling a bit jaded, but not before we had been invited back the following morning for breaky!. What a lovely couple! and Micheal the son decided to come home from his mates especially to 'see the kiwi's' , a very bright 16yr old, his sister Emma had already said hi, and gone back to bed. Then next morning Catherine, their eldest came round to meet us, with her lovely little dog called Zeus. But all good things have to come to an end...and after a hearty breakfast with hugs and goodbyes all round we were on the road once more, this time in freezing cold wind. Missed Micheal for the pics