:: Journal

This is where we'll update you on how our trip is going.

11 May, 2008 - Augusta to Boston to Hyannis Massachusetts / Cape Cod by Ruby
We have had some cold windy weather the last couple of days... and nothing much has happened on the road. Not even any deer or anything. But it has been getting greener, and the scenery is really lovely. While we were in Boston, we hooked up with Jeff who runs a web site called Vision-Riders   www.vision-riders.com    we had such a good chat over lunch in his local lunch bar, just happened to be a diner, great food once again at great rates! We finally tried a Dunkin Donut when we got back to the States and lost our Tim Hortons... Yuck! the food donuts and muffins were much heavier. So we have been there done that, not goin back. It is now the 13th May... Its Emils birthday, so we hope to go to a blues club tonite to celebrate. But to day we are gonna tiki tour around Hyannis, and the rest of Cape Cod. Its very blustery and COLD!! and we will stay another night before heading back to Boston for the tire change . Just some differences in our two countries.  We say  Recycling depot.. they say Redemption center....   We say Look out.. they say Out look.  Hmmm now Ive forgotten the rest. Maybe next time.

Jeff in Boston...   a cool paint job on a victory ...       so where are we now?