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This is where we'll update you on how our trip is going.

14 May, 2008 - Cape Cod to Foxboro / Massachusetts by Ruby

 last night we ended up going to the Naked Oyster Bistro and raw bar to celebrate Emil's birthday. It was rather expensive... stretching Ems budget a bit being his shout, but we found the staff were top notch, and our waiter Frank, a perfect and informative gentleman. The food was absolutely superb, and the bottle of Domaine Carneros, estate 2005 Napa. Picked specially cause our good friend, another Frank from Petaluma California,recommended we try wine from there rolled down our throats beautifully. As did the spirits,.. and the Baileys to finish. We ambled off home replete and happy. Next morning after checking out of the very best Days inn,which was in Hyannis Cape Cod saw us headed once more to the outskirts of Boston, and on the way we stopped in this delightful town called Falmouth which reminded me of Queenstown a bit, tho this place was far prettier and well cared for.we got talking to some of the locals. one of which was this florist who had a dog that loves sitting in the window watching the people pass by. Just so cute. She said he is a French Bulldog

how much is that doggy...                         waving us goodbye.............                                                                                                                    leavin Cape Cod

We had a real good ride down, the sun was out... and the full colour of spring was everywhere. And we saw heaps of cranberry farms. The shrubs only grow about 5 inch's tall, in bog areas. The farms have small paddocks so that when the fruit is ripe, they flood the paddocks and the fruit just rises to the top of the water and are all scooped up. Pretty cool, and the dried variety is yummies. Well we dropped the bikes off at the Bike shop for new tyres and booked into the motel next door. They have a bar which serves food, which we decided to have last night. Really good bar food, and hospitable patrons. One guy 'John" invited us home for a drink, but transport was going to be a problem, so he opted to buy us all a drink at the bar. We had a great time, and Lorenizo, Johns friend came back after dinner to share a couple more hours with us, his daughter Angel introduced herself as well and stayed to chat.We decided we are staying an extra nite, cause the bikes would not be finished til the end of the following day ,as well as we have been invited to another local bar by the Victory bike owners which has a bike nite thursdays so we are asked to take our bikes and share our experiences, they are gonna pic up our tab...... more to follow on that one. Noel and I spent some of this day in a sports shop here... whoa! from the second we stepped in the door we were blown away. It was like walking onto a stage set for mountainmen. There was this larger than life entry that had stuffed moose, deer,and bears etc on the walls. Dominating the main wall was this huge log fire flickering away, surrounded by leather arm chairs, side tables with quaint old lamps etc etc. And from then on, all thru the store the theme of wilderness, hunting and hunted prevailed. Stuffed animals of every description. I got to pat, squirrels, badgers, raccoons, SKUNKS, brown and black bears.. and everything in between. It was soo well done, every clothes stand, jewelery display, tent and boat display was  well thought out and finished to the highest detail. Its just so hard to describe and give the store real justice. Also the store had a aquarium with all sorts of edible fish we have never seen before swimming around. Then up on the next floor there was a forest scene with a hunters log hut and running creek with all the little critters that had targets on. We got to pay 50c to shoot them all. It was a lot of fun seeing as how it was all pretend. And to finish the whole experience off, we did lunch in the bar in the shop, sitting on game chairs .. what a hoot!

 just a few pics of in and out of the shop. There were heaps of stuffed animals and birds and fish