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This is where we'll update you on how our trip is going.

16 May, 2008 - Foxborough:bikes in for service by Emil

The last couple of days we have spent here as the bikes were due for new tyres and a oil change

After arranging this before we went up to Cape Cod  we returned to spend a day  resting and catching up on the little things we seem not to be able to do when we are on the road. this day Brenda  and I decide to visit the Ferrari dealer next door to where we were staying. After introducing ourselves to a sales rep he proceeded to show us some of the finest cars that money can buy. I have never seen so many Ferrari's and Maserati's in one place . There must have been 50 of all sorts including two $ 1 million dollars  Ferrari's inside under cover . But the car that took my fancy was the latest Maserati Granturismo What a beautiful looking car at a quarter of the price of a Ferrari. It turned out that Mark was a biker as well and was as interested in what we were doing as I was in those cars 

That same afternoon we picked up our bikes, all spic and span, shinning as though they  were straight out of the box . Strange seeing them like that, only their  2nd wash since we left San Francisco.  A quick  painful goodbye to $900 each ,  and we had the bikes back at the motel. 

 M.O.Ms of Foxborough had done a nice job and even insisted that we turn up at the local watering hole to recoup some of the fortune we had spent that afternoon. The owner Joel and his brother  Jason had decided to pick up the tab and so we could meet and mingle with the local biker crowd. Well what a night !!!!!!!!!   ......  I dont think Ruby will ever forget , mind you I know she is having trouble too remember  The evening started off with a few rums and Vodkas  then after a couple of hours of chatter,  the pace of the game increased . The wimps Brenda and I  started to refrain once the shots started hitting the table, we weren't going to ruin a beaut steak by over indulging .Around  12 they closed the doors . I was about to return the bikes back to the motel, when  the bar owner insisted we leave all three bikes there, at least we did not have far to walk home . Brenda assisted Ruby half way home then needed helponto the bed,  Noel he was off with Jason  to quench his never ending thirst.   Both Brenda and I struggled to return Ruby home,  I actually think she was asleep before we got her back to her room . 

Needless to say we had a very slow start to today but all is well now , but its Friday night, and I think everyone will be having an early night   

To Jason and Joel we thankyou very much , it was a pleasure to meet and drink with you.  If you treat all clients like that  your on a winner   . CHEERS .hic     

# 1 Noel  and this is before lunch                               #2     M.O.M South Foxborough :  Great service                                   # 3   The BUMS and Jason    before the drink flowed