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This is where we'll update you on how our trip is going.

18 May, 2008 - New London to New Burgh to Nyacks... NY by Ruby

Ok.. back on the road for a couple of days.. and feeling fit as a fiddle. We have traveled some lovely tree lined highways. Absolutely nothing startling to report. Except this morning before we left New Burgh, we went and checked out the Orange County Choppers show room and retail store. Man, there were some beautiful bikes there. And we got to look into the movie studio where they shoot the serial Orange County Choppers. But being a sunday... none of the stars were present.  The merchandise was reasonably priced, and like Barbie, or Spider man, or any one of the big names there was everything. Even coffee and energy drinks with their brand on. I finally got to squash me a penny... all over the states in any tourist attraction we have seen these machines that look like old time carnival popcorn makers. Cept if you put in two quarters and a penny, it will set to work and flatten the penny with what ever tourist thingy you may be at! So now I've got a OCC printed penny. Not good for anything cept memories. We hauled in here at Nyacks NY bout 3pm... getting a little wet. Tried a couple of motels that turned out to be dives.. just like at home, rentals for not so good people. This super 8 motel is owned by Indians, which a heap of them are. If it wasn't so painfully slow... it would be laughable checking in. Well I gotta laugh anyway. First off I have to spell all the words of my address in NZ cause they are Maori. Then more times than not the computer won't accept them, all this talking to a person that hardly speaks english, while the old men are getting a little impatient, cause usually they need a pee. But no matter where we have stayed, the rooms have always been clean. This Nyack area where we are is very beautiful, huge lakes and rivers with heaps of greenery. When it stops raining, we shall go exploring. Oh yes.. we had lunch at West Port I just remembered. Chatted to some officer cadets about their life on camp and took a couple of pics.. the town was very quaint.

West point acadamy                                                                                           their mascot mule                                                                     hands up

fancy milk jug at the cafe.... not.             just a plate                                                                                                   Bren n' Em                                                                                  spider bike

Orange County Chopper showroom and retail                                            The 'family' merchandise                                                                               heaps more

My favorite                                                                                                            yellow                                           dedicated to the firemen and other officials caught up in 9.11