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17 May, 2008 - Nautilus Museum by Emil

As we were leaving New London we took a trip to the Submarine Force Museum at Groton

This sub was 1st launched in1954 and was the 1st nuclear ship ever to be commissioned Sailed over 500,00,000 miles before being retired in 1980 after 25 years Thats todays history lesson.

All very interesting a lot of naval history from subs lost to the the use of the tomahawk missiles into todays warfare The Nautilus although large was a little bit of disappointment as we were restricted to only the living quarters and control rooms. All space was used, and in one area, a room measuring about 7ft by 5 ft had 7 bunks in it.  I could imagine after 3 months at sea it would become  a tedious,and  claustrophobic  way of life.    Not for everyone and certainly not for me