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This is where we'll update you on how our trip is going.

20 May, 2008 - Summary so far by Emil

Now that we have been on the road for 12 weeks I just would like to revisit and think about what we (I) have undertaken

First the bikes have proved to be a real joy to ride across America Some of those long distances hours and days in the saddle have been so pleasurable
OK the weather has not been the greatest but it's still a lot of fun to be out riding when everyone else is to busy or thinks it just to dam plain crazy  We
have experienced snow rain wind fog sun and heat does that cover all the elements

The country's size is just immense so bloody large. When you travel for a week Ont he same road at 80 plus miles per hour on roads that seem to go on forever, and really the
scenery doesn't change. Mile after mile it just doesn't change.  First off it was ocean and ceders, then as we moved north it turned to rocks,
rocks and more rocks some though, I must admit were covered in snow  and you know that when it heats up all you will see is more Rocks Even the land seems to have no use ,
hardly any soil as what trees there are are only sapling small bush type trees  Then out of nowhere a town appears The 1st indications that you sense is that
the traffic starts to build up around you Then you are on freeways being whisked off in a directions that you had not planned  Survival mode sets in
Then there are cities that appear over the horizon nothing around them , no evidence of forestry or industry  just these huge towns and one asks oneself
what the hell do people do out here followed by the question why would you live out here in this A great part of the country we have seen I know its the more
northern states  can't grow anything very little soil and rock Maybe that's why in general the roads are superbly constructed then foundation work is all there
Double lane highways  separated by 50 meters and more acres and acres of tar seal covering  so hundred of miles in all directions

Then there was the endless acres of maize It seems that's the only thing they grow here. Cattle seem to be more or less non existent all in barns and the ones
we see are on feed pads I know its early spring  but oh so different than home .Mind you the steak we have had to eat is seems to be a better quality than the
sinewy stuff that we get at home at times With all the traveling its no use in asking which state we are in because they all look similar , although Kentucky stands out as one of the most beautiful in
terms of  beauty and farming viability  I have seen, remembering the time of year I was there. On  Saying that now as we move down to-wards New York city the flowers and trees which are carrying more leaves it certainly starting to show its grandeur
 So far its The people that have made the biggest impression on me Even though America appears to be the Big Bully to us overseas  generally the people seem to
be as generous as back home, well especially to foreigners it seems     The drivers being some of the most courteous I have ever been confronted with   Always giving way at intersections stopping and allowing you to turn across  their path  School buses that stop to let children off and all traffic stops in  both directions until the bus is underway again  Pedestrians have right of way, once all of us were the subjected to the attention of gentleman who walked from  the other side of the road and held up both hands and stopped the flow of traffic  just so us oldies could waddle to the other side
The friendship that has been extended to us where-ever we have gone with them gathering around and discussing subjects from the bikes to the war in Iraq, to Bush and who will be the next presidential candidate

People like Don and Crystal who have done their utmost to ensure that the bikes and bags were delivered on time. Dee and Frank  who on both occasions made us feel like family from the onset, offering us valuable advice and setting up our home base while we are in America.  Renewing a long lost friendship with Jim and his wife Marilyn a relationship that was broken 38 years ago by him returning home to Canada. To Cliff and Maureen who offer us their home and hospitality for 3 days while we   checked out Calgary. The guys at Victory Vision that welcome us as road adventures, nothing was to much for them This also includes Mike who drove us around St Paul and organized our photo shoot , And the lunch we spent with  Jeff who has a web site on Visions The Guys that have been only to willing to service our bikes when we turn up out of nowhere and tell them our story of what we've been doing, especially young Jason that thought it was a blast to work on some of the first  Visions  he'd seen  The list goes on

America its self .......... still thinking about it.  A  lot of it I am not sure I like they don't seem to be very productive . then there is so much capital construction being done especially roading miles and miles of it The farming scene. they still receive billions in subsidies  most of it not to grow stuff