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This is where we'll update you on how our trip is going.

19 May, 2008 - Nyack to Jersey City New Jersey by Ruby

The trip up was great. The highway was not too crowded, and the weather was kind. Then we hit Jersey city and had lunch at a great diner that nearly filled us to popping before giving us directions on some accommodation. Well thats when the proverbial hit the fan. We spent 1/2 a real tense hr riding to a place, that we decided we didn't want to stay... so we pulled over enabling the old men to redo the G.P.S and get us back from where we had started. While they were busy, Bren and I decided to take some pics of the planes leaving and heading into the near bye airport. Uh oh, not a good thing apparently. This guy marches up to us and proceeds to tell us why we wer'nt supposed to. Thank god me and Bren have got such Innocent faces, or maybe our blabbering apologies convinced him we meant no harm taking pics in a secured area! Anyway... he did not take our cameras, then with a warning of consequences, he turned his attention on the boys and the bikes. Yaaa, the bikes have proved their Worth once again. Off we went thru the traffic and not so much stress to a modest motel and a superb meal down the rd. Now before I go any further.. I must remind our avid readers that these writings are from one persons perspective. If we were all to write up on a given day.... you would probably think we were in four different time zones. Tho we do run  our meanderings by the other three before they appear on the site. Now I've forgotten what, oh yes Now I am in the 20th and its BRENS HAPPY BIRTHDAY, so hopefully someone else will say a few words on today as well, in fact I'm gonna get Bren to share it.Hi, Brenada here, Today we got up early to go to the statue of liberty . we were told to get tickets early as they are limited so after a long weaving ride through the town of jersey city  with lots of stop lights we parked the bikes at the wharf , caught the boat with all the school kids what a noise , traveled to Ellis island an old immigration centre then on to the statue . It was raining off and on but once inside we got to explore  it was very interesting  showed how it was made ,the way the copper was shaped.to the iron frame and to the construction of the base . The copper statue was built in Paris France then shipped over in pieces stored in a warehouse for a year while the bass and framing was constructed then  erected , what a remarkable feat . I will always remember what I did on  my birthday . sure was a lovely day . The guys get stressed driving around these streets , we got soaked , stopped at a mall so I could get my hair cut and again we got wet  going back to the motel But hey  it isn't cold and thats part of the fun of this great adventure . 

GOING.....................                                                                                               GOING.............................                                                                                  GONE!!!!!!!!!!

Now we are off for a celebratory drink for BREN      cheers everyone. Me and BRENDA