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This is where we'll update you on how our trip is going.

23 May, 2008 - !st Tiki Tour of New York by Ruby

Whoa yesterday we arrived at our Motel in Brooklyn. Talk about BLAACK!! we were the only whiteys on the street! What a laugh.. motel booked, first time ever unseen, cause its their memorial day on this coming Monday... so its a long weekend and everythings booked out and  we had decided to come in closer to New York. Well we ain't any closer, just the opposite side from Jersey City. I went to the post office yesterday, and in the line to the tellers, who were incidentally, protected behind bullet proof glass, as is most of the government type buildings...Just like Moerea at home. I was the only white person. Can imagine a little what it must have been like for them years ago, tho they are happy to chat with you, if you speak first. Diner food again, cause a real good one is just over the road from our motel. Me and Noel stopped at a African Cuisine café yesterday... the interior was sooo dark, we could hardly see the African, Americans but the smell blew Noel back out, so I had to ask, and got chatting with the cook and she told me there was  fish... cows hooves... tripe....goat,  and real chicken! like it had just been running round the yard that morning variety, for dinner. After shaking her hand and exchanging names, I had to admit we probably wouldn't be in. They are so friendly and helpful. We have already been on one of the probably illegal taxis, which are these guys just driving up and down the road hooting their horn. People jump in, and people jump out. Its only $1.50 from one end of Utica to the other, which must be at least 130 blocks. Well its about 300 blocks actually.... Brooklyn is the 4th biggest city in America we were told.Cheaper than the bus... and way! faster. Just like a gangster movie, weaving in and out of the road full of other vehicles weaving in and out. The variety of humans in the states is mind blowing... theres round brown faces on 4ft nothing bodies, Black finely chiseled faces on 6ft odd lanky bodies, and everything in between. Its great! far more interesting than at home. Just a few pics of our first trip into the City

They take thier dogs to a doggy park to play..... stacker car yard..... Empire State building.....   after a hard nite......  man hole, to under Broadway