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This is where we'll update you on how our trip is going.

04 Jun, 2008 - from ship to shore.. by Ruby

 Hi everyone... this is just a short one with no pictures to let you know we are all OK. The ship trip was brilliant! Best food on the planet, dancing everynight, and casino. We have spent the last three days in England with brenda and Emils daughter Kims delightful inlaws, Mike and Kate. Alister being their son. We have been given the grand tour of the local country.. been down to where shakespeare had his local haunts.. visited a beautiful church with heaps of crypts. Had tea and scones, all in all its been a real treat. Will go into real detail when we sort out our computer in Germany. Which is where we are headed tomorrow to pick up our bikes ( hopefully )  so please be patient family and freinds.. it is not quite as easy as it looks to get hooked up with the right servers etc. But we are Well! Nell and Roy, hope you are well and moving, mum and dad and Beryl hi and keep well. Erin, and Amy kids clothes  parcels not actually posted yet. Flynn and Zoe, best of health down there in the freezing weather, and good luck for continued Uni studies... Connor Nana loves u!! sisters and bro inlaws of us both Hi... No email at the moment hence this message. I hope no one has been left out, cause you are not forgotten. And all Em and Brens family and friends they say hi.