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This is where we'll update you on how our trip is going.

10 Jun, 2008 - Hamburg, Germany by Ruby

Hamburg is not really very pretty, tho there are some interesting spots to löök at. We stayed in a reather grotty hotel that had a good breaky. Wandered the shops and sites, went to the casino, but was refused entry cause Bren had no ID. ( Noel was relieved ) Pretty wet, the lake side was lovely where we went for a run. Leaving Hamburg in the morn saw Em being stopped by 9 police! after giving his name and address, they insisted on him giving them 170.00 euro for riding thru a red light! He was sooo stressed that it took all day to get back to normal.

Got bikes thru german customs and Lufthansa no problems then problems trying to find a petrol station.. I ended up holding Ems GPS and reading out the directions to Noel before the battery ran flat. We did not buy the GPS program for europe before we got here... a huge stuff up, trying to get by with ems cheap english car model. Will rectify when next in england, bout three weeks time.

Bikes running perfectly, shipped over with no damage or problems on large open plate. Heaps of tie downs. Roads here are like driving on carpet and we have been on them all! thanks to that GPS, infact the cycling tracks that cover all of the german country side are in better nick than our NZ roads.

We are starting to pick up a few words.... and gestures and smiles still go a long way.