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This is where we'll update you on how our trip is going.

14 Jun, 2008 - On the ship. A bit late.. by Ruby
Well the ship trip was really lovely. Not exciting, but glamerous, restful, and fun. The first afternoon the boys had to go and get their tuxes fitted... that was a bit of a laugh cause Noel insisted on stripping off behind the counter to save time. Couldnt tell if the assistant was imbarresed or not, but he did a lot of giggling. First dinner on a shared table with 5 others was pretty quiet... but we all thawed out after that and had some great dinner tales to share. The food was superb, and varied. I tried frogs legs.. yummy, better than chicken. But the bones were the same sort of shape. The on board band were Jamacians, and thier music was alsorts... Noel and I danced everynite. Casinoed everynite, gym every morn. Have to say we got later and later, because everyday we lost an hour on the clock but still did not get to bed before 3am everynite. Made the most of everything, and had chats with heaps of interesting people... even if the majority were over 70 odd years. The 4 of us got chummy with a couple of gays Martin and Andrew.. who were a hoot. Really nice irish hair dressers. Hoping to catch up with them later in the trip in Ireland. Bren and I just had a ball dressing up everynite. I could certainly do that again.