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This is where we'll update you on how our trip is going.

14 Jun, 2008 - England retry by Ruby
We do not know why this and another entry did not go in... but we had a lovely time with Kims inlaws, Mike and Kate, who kindly put us up while Bren and Em caught up with thier new grandson and the rest of them. We spent a day at Stratford upon Avon... Shakespeares birthplace. Then were driven round the country side by Mike and Kate... such a beautiful part of England. Kate also took us into thier little village to do some shopping... much to Kates mortification... Noel got stopped by a frantic shop assistant, and her boss just as we were getting back into the car for shop lifting!! it was soo funny, we were laughing about the whole thing as Noel opened the rather large bag he was carrieing to show there was only our computer inside. They were full of apologies.. and Kate said Noel was not getting out of the car again!. Their home is just like a fairybook cottage... roses up the walls, heaps of little rooms, LOW doors. Just like Vicar of Dibley. Thanks once again Kate and Mike, for being so kind and fun. And Alistar, Kims hubby who dragged himself out of bed at 3.30am to drive us to the airport intime for the first leg of our german trip bit.