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18 Jun, 2008 - Copenhagen still... by Ruby
We found our accomodation without too much trouble, just 10mins from the centre. And after a delicious Indian dinner we trudged off to bed all buggered. The other only guest is an Australian man called Len, he is 70yrs and has heaps of interesting tales to tell fromm all his travels. We hope to catch up with him in his home town Perth when next we are over that way. There are hundreds of cyclists here in Denmark, more than in Germany. And a lot of them have cute little trollies to cart their kids in. or their dogs for that matter. The first night we hit Denmark in a place called Aahus, we rode down the streets looking for somewhere to eat. Then hopped off the bikes for a stroll past heaps of resturants that wanted an arm and a leg for dinner! so we decided to go back to an unlikely looking grotty pub that we had passed earlier and try our luck. Hey!!! great things! they were celebrating their 10th year in busseniss and welcomed us with free beer, and as much snacks as we wanted. It was a very happy time, with a lot of them speaking enough english to hold a conversation. Me and Bren had a couple of dances with the locals, then we all decided it was time to hit thye sack. ( there are people waiting to use this bloody thing) next nite saw us at a camp site sleeping in bunks in a tiny shed with no blankets or pillows and to pay for the showers on top!  Gotta go before they get mad. For those who knew her... Ming Ming is with us no more. Well the man has gone... so I shall try and finish this. There are heaps of wind farms in this country, and we passed a factory where they make them. Also, the commercial buildings are architectually designed, very nice indeed. The houses are more plain, and mostly single storied. The agricultaral land is prestine... even more so then Germany that we saw. Its great seeing all the different things, but because it is so expensive here, we are gonna push thru pretty smartly and head for Spain or someplace, that is also warmer. There are horses everywhere. Have not found out if they eat them or what. The church grave yards are well maintained and look like little gardens. Not checking the spelling. When we first hit Germany... we almost got run down by the cyclists on the paths! they have the right of way. The breakfasts in the accomodations is... buns, cheese, cold meats, boiled eggs and cereals very nice. C.U.Later