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20 Jun, 2008 - Bullaren, Sweden by Ruby

This is Eddies home, I will add the story later. Just did a huge page and it didnt save, now we have to go... damn and blast!!! 

About two weeks ago we had stopped... some kids are hanging round now, different computer in different town. We are actually in a hotel at Umea, Sweden for the nite, the 23rd mainly to dry our clothes out. We all got so sodden that we have bought coveralls to stay dry. Looks like a few more wet days and we still have England, Scotland etc to do. Well we had a ball with Eddie, and his friend Otto spent some time over as well . We actaully met Eddie bout 2 weeks ago when we had stopped for coffee while still in Germany... and after exchanging adventures, he asked where we were going next. When we said Sweden he offered us to come and stay... well it sounded like he ment it, giving us directions to his nearest shop and saying he would come and direct us from there. So saying we would be there fri, we went our seperate ways. As it happend, it was almost two weeks later, and he had given us up as gone, so was very surprised to hear from us. And true to his word, he came and directed us to his little home in the sticks on the edge of the woods. Soo pretty, and to make things even nicer, he has a lottle dog called Foxy, who was only too glad to have people make a fuss of him. Well Eddie treated us so well, tiki touring us around the area, checking out our first nordic/viking drawings on rocks, so old I cannot remember. We went to a delightful village on the sea, which is so typical around here, and there, because it was a public holiday we bought lovely food for a picnic at home. Otto had invited us to his place for dinner that night, oh yes, but the night before when we had arrived, Eddie invited Otto over to meet us and have a few drinks. Whew! a few drinks later, he hauled out his Snuosh ( thats how it sounds ) witch is pure tobbacco and proceeded to role up a bit and put it under his top lip... apparently better than smoking. So I asked for a try, but he thought it would be too strong. Until a couple of drinks later I asked again and he gave in. 5mins under the gum, a slight stingy feel then pow! sky high for about ten mins til it eased off. I was too scared to stand up in a hurry... and Noel must have thought it was pretty harmless cause he decided to give it a go. What a laugh.. giddy giddy giddy... he wouldnt stand up, so Em had to give it a go, but he kept swallowing bits of it in his spit. By the time 5mins had gone, so was he... white as a sheet and headed for the loo to up chuck... The three of us howled with laughter... Im sure Eddie and Otto thought we were weird friends. But it was a happy night, then the next niter off to Ottos for a traditional Swedish dinner. It was to celebrate mid summer festival. He had been tidying his house and preparing all afternoon... and when we walked in you should have seen Noels face! three types of pickled herring, raw cut up onion, fresh dill, new potatoes and sour cream. All to be chased down by shots of Vodka wow yummies... guess who was the only one that didnt go back for seconds. But at least he didnt put it on Eddies plate, which he had said to do if we didnt loke it. Bren and me had a happy evening dancing with our hosts. We really did enjoy our stay... Eddie was such a kind and generous host. We had to drag ourselves away from the breaky table the last morning and get on the road once more. We hope we can return the favour when he comes to NZ.. Keep in touch Eddie. There is a heap of granite in Sweden, the place is full of rock, its amazing the trees grow at all. They quarry the granite and put it on the roads so they are pretty pink and sparkly. The country is more hilly then Denmark, and far more interesting. Rivers and lakes aplenty, all clean , and the roads are like ribbons of silk. We got drenched today which I think Em has written about. Last night we stayed at Harnosand