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This is where we'll update you on how our trip is going.

23 Jun, 2008 - Umea SWEDEN by Emil

THe last few days have seen us doing the miles and spending hours in the saddle  The weather has been more or less favourable except for today,Rain all the way to Umea , where we thought that the girls and us boys had had enough and decided to call it quits. When we saw a town loom up out of the drizzle and we knew it was time to head for a nice warm shower Even though we have been careful on the roads in the last few days we have witnessed more accidents in Sweden than the whole trip so far ,so we keep our fingers crossed and keep concentrating   

The country scenery is beautiful once again and with villages and the motorways skirting around the lakes it seems to remind us of the Malbrough Sounds  Little huts nestled in between little bays and  amongst trees, very home sickening in a way . Sorry can not add the pics at present so just close your eyes and imagine   

Tomorrow we move on , now we have brought some wet weather gear  Although its meant to be summer  it has not been that sunny for some time  As we head north to the artic circle the temp will drop but we can tell you about that later  Bye for now