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This is where we'll update you on how our trip is going.

25 Jun, 2008 - Rovaniemi, Finland... Next to Santas village by Ruby
Yaaa, we have made it to Santas village and the Arctic circle!! warm but wet off and on. Santas village is a very touristy place, but lots to see. And we all got to meet Santa cause he came home fromhis holiday early, and we have got a pic to send to the grandchildren. Its good to be back to the euro.. makes heaps more sense. Noel was worried that he would have to buy me a new watch for my birthday.. but it was just the bloody battery. We still have not seen a reindeer, but we have seen moose. And mostly they have red buildings with white edges.. because in the olden days red paint was the cheapest. In Denmark mostlythe buildings were yellow. We are having an interesting time... not all exciting but soo much to see. The peöples face have changed, really. They are broader I think. Gotta go, there is a que of asian type people waiting for a go.