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This is where we'll update you on how our trip is going.

26 Jun, 2008 - visit to santa ...written by Brenda by Emil
After a long ride from Stockholme 2000 km we arrived at Rovaniemi ,Finland at Santas Village .We took lots of photos and then found out that Santa was in resedence ,so all of us waited in line in Santas Cavern and got an opertunity to meet the famous man . We are so lucky .He asked us if we were good People .. of course .. That is our highlight .. we shook his hand and said goodbuy. Tonight we stay in Santas Hotel , A very nice place ,Lots of Christmas ee stuff  . We Ruby and I ,Brenda Posted our santa post cards from the post office at the Santa village. We enjoyed our stay there . Signed brenda ..... blondie ....