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This is where we'll update you on how our trip is going.

26 Jun, 2008 - Rovaniemi Finland to.. Kokkola by Ruby
We have made it...420kms today, all in the rain. But I had such a happy thing... finally we have seen some wild reindeer! wow! that was sooo exciting. heaps of pics, and for the first time in ages there were no deer fences, so I could climb thru the ditch and walk thru the paddock to get closer to them. But not too close, cause I didn't know if they were gonna be friendly or not. And I had my bumble bee suit on, so couldn't run very fast. Then further down the road we stopped to pat some tame ones... they are a bit ratty at the moment cause they are moulting. before I put in some pics finally... I have to tell you something funny. A lot of the stuff we say probably can't go in this journal since small people read it too. But I think this will pass. A few days ago when we were talking to our new friend and host about things... we commented on the amount of cyclists in Denmark, Sweden, and Germany. As it happens Em had commented on the number of pretty girls / legs he had seen on bikes since we hit Europe. Well when the subject came up he pipes up with... when I die I'm coming back as a bike seat! well in the silence that followed Bren comes back with... and I hope its a fat arse with hairy balls that sit on you! Ems mouth dropped, and we cracked up.... good one Bren! as she is the quietest one in the group, the few quips she makes are usually pearler's.
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