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28 Jun, 2008 - Halsinka by Ruby
this is just a test run... two entries did not go thru. We had such a fast ride down from Hameenliia. 140kms a lot of the way... fine weather too. First for a few days. There is still heaps of granite cut thru on these roads. Made Helsinka bout 12pm, Sat there were more people than New York! heaps of stuff going on.. there is a goths convention so all the cheap accomodation has gone. Boo hoo, we have got to stay in the Crowne Plaza. 27th at Hameenlinna was a beautiful time.... there is a 14th century castle which is now a museum. War stuff is there, from 23 countries thay have on display artillary guns etc amazing really. And no bull, the hares they have here are bigger than Hutch. We got real close to 4 of them doing their spring thing while we were on our run round the towns lake. There had been board walks made thru the reeds on the lakes edge only two human feet wide, with even thinner planks going off onto the lakes edge so fishermen could.. FISH!. then a bit further around we found this open fire pit and a huge pile of chopped wood so they could cook their fish. There was even this so cool swingy thingy that you put the fish on to hang over the embers. And there were heaps of ducks and hundreds of kayaks hauled up under the trees with the sun filtering thru... just magic. Gotta go, Noel is chaffing at the bit.