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03 Jul, 2008 - Jedrzejow Poland..... and bits by Ruby

Well i am not sure of the day... but we visited The Wolfs Lair... which is where Hitler lived for 2 and 1/2 years approx. The bunkers and buildings were constructed about 8kms from KETRZYN during the 2nd world war. Some of the bunkers had ceilings 8 mtrs thick concrete... of course Hitlers was the thickest. ( and the secretaries were the thinnest )Theres about 80 objects , but when the Germans were on the retreat at the end of the war they tried to blow it all away. Just didn't have enough stuff to do the job properly... hence enabling us all to visit. It really is a spectacular spot.. hidden in the forest, it really is a perfect setting. We wandered around for a few hours, fighting off the mozzies HUGE!!! and very hungry. Then as we were leaving, we had to walk thru a camp site! weird choice of locations I thought. Here are a couple of shots

Hitlers bunker had adjoining tunnels...    the bunker itself was huge, and you could walk into the remains of it...    sunny day in Poland

When we were in Tallinn, going thru the old city. There were women our mothers ages begging...made us realize, again.. how well off we all are in NZ and soooo many skinny and pregnant cats. Whoa, wake up call here, we knew we were in for some different things to see, but when you do, its still a shock. And when noel and I went for our morning run, we came across this huge war memorial. About the time they had the revolution, well, thats why it was erected. It was really magificent... erected above the sea, one end where all the seats were looked over the waves, with the hugest sculptor of inverted hands. the other end about two football Fields long had a sculpture that looked like a pyramid. But half way was another part that led thru these massive concrete pillars that looked like they were held open by some miss formed dragon bat type sculpture of a different material and that led thru to graves of the fallen. So very well done. Would love to have been able to ask the artist the meaning of it all.And the next paddock had heaps of mole hills in it. Which reminds me, when we were on our run around the park in Helsinki... we ran past a police crime scene cordoned off. There was a hobo asleep on one of the benches, but the police obviously didn't think he was in on it, cause they left him asleep.

And our first night in Poland after dinner we split up from Em and Bren for a stroll, but the weather turned quite nippy turning us back to the hotel. The door was locked, so Noel tried the key but it wouldn't go! looking down the street I realized why, we were trying the wrong hotel! then we walked up stairs and the key would not fit our door! bloody wrong floor wasn't it... time for sleep ... The bikes continue to attract heaps of attention... even people that do not speak english will stop and gestulate with us. And if we had of collected from everyone that took pics of the bikes, and us with them poseing... we would be very rich by now. They are handling the trip very well, and love to be opened up every now and then. Poland is a very beautiful place, its just quite sad to see the hang over from the communist days... people still working the land by hand in a lot of cases. Cows tethered, and milked in the Fields with a machine on a trolly... houses lived in and falling down round their ears. Two examples, an old man sitting in the front room by the window, and the end of the house boarded up with plastic and wood over the other windows. Or the house that obviously had a fire in the back, all black and crumbling... and people sitting in the front on the porch!. There seems no maintenance, or very little is carried out in the country in particular. Even our accommodation is scruffy and neglected from the out side, where the rooms are perfectly adequate and clean. The whole trip is such an eye opener... and we are lovin it. The Polish are the most dour people we have met so far, they do not even readily smile.