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This is where we'll update you on how our trip is going.

04 Jul, 2008 - Oswiecim.. Poland by Ruby

If I had balls.... they would have been tucked up under my tonsils for the first half of today! We left in the rain, the roads were as slick as warm butter... and the locals all think they are late for something. Well a flash ute full of people decided to wrap themselves around a huge tree so they will definitely be late! the ambulance was flashing so I guess none of them were dead. But it is pretty hair razing being the pillion and having no control, and when the back tire slips an inch... it feels like two feet. But finally I got the feel of things again and settled down. We saw an old gentleman yesterday on our walk... typical communist era. He had moved his tethered cow, put the dogs back in the house yard and was ambling down the road with a huge bundle of twigs under his arm that he had gathered from the paddock. A skinny old man with a battered suit, collar and tie, with an old cap pulled over his wrinkled for head. Sooo different to what we are used to. I told Noel we might as well be on mars. I do have fun talking to people that do not understand english.... like when we are ordering food or such like. its so neat working out what they are saying. But yesterday when we hauled up to a little place for lunch, the guy spoke only Polish, and the menu was just polish. So we all jabbed at something not having a clue what we were ordering and waited. Soon out came four plates of four differently cooked different types of fish and chips that were so lightly battered ,crisp to the last bite and chips and gherkins. Yummies!!!

A church in Helsinki....          a deralict house in old Tallinn......            the walled town...... how thick the walls were with Bren..... and the Helsinki bay where we left..... and looking thru the deralict house letter hole

    These are White Storks... they are Polands National bird. the people build platforms that they make nests on. The nests are big enough to fit kids in the storks are as tall as my hip. and some country side in Latvia