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14 Jul, 2008 - 14th July.. my birhday in Germany somewhere. by Ruby
I know its been ages, and now we have just found this internet cafe so will try and remember some of whats happened without my scrap of paper. Firstly when we left Poland.. we did not see anything at the border so sailed on thru like everyone else. Next day when we hauled up to a rest stop in Austria,  the border patrol people caught up with Noel and told him he needed to pay 65 euro! for each of our bikes  cause we didnt buy a 5euro sticker when we arrived!!! we didnt even see the piddling sign that was not in english anyway!! I was glad Roy and Nell... that you couldnt hear your son, cause I am sure your ears would have burned off with his cussing. I told him that if they threw him in jail he was on his own. But we were not the  only ones, we saw them charge another bike and a car while we were fuming. The weather was gloriuos that day, and we rode the motor way stripped of jackets. Vienna was beautiful. Some of the villages we stop in have no internet, and definatly no pics til we have accomodation with a hook up. A lot of days have been wet... but in munich we had two hot days.. the second we decided to take a walk thru a huge famous park. Well we did about a fifth of it in about three hours. By that time everyone was buggered so decided to head out, that was a hit and miss cause of the size, and number of paths. But as we were headed out in what we all agreed must be the right direction.. we came across this huge feild surrounded by pushbikers and strollers. In the feild itself were bodies!! we just happend on the piece set aside for nude bathing. Yaaa we all stripped off and plonked ourselves down on the grass. Well me and Bren did, the boys kept thier undies on . It was fuuny watching all the shapes and sizes, mostly men ofcourse,Got a nice shot of sun, and grabbed a beer aff a peddler doing the rounds. The country side is still so beautiful, and on our morning walks I have eaten wild blackberries, raspberries, strawberries.. and this morning heaps of black cherries! there heaps of turks in Munich, the girls are soo very pretty. I cannot think right now, but more to let you know were still around. Will try for pics etc next stop. AJ, the wireless may be fixed.. havent had a chance to try it out yet, just a new configeration for over here aparently, will let you know. We are staying with some people we do not know tonight... a couple that stayed with Bren and Em before we left NZ . Catch up later hopefully Hope everyone is well. Oh yes.. I keep forgetting to tell you, most places over here we have to pay for a pee... so all have learnt to hold it longer. And pay for water at the table most times. So have learnt to say tap water. And the best windows that open side ways and top ways. And the toilets!!! oh my god! some are soo weird, we thought the American ones were bad enough..and without going into too much detail, some have these little shower heads to wash your danglies, quite fun, especially when the waters warm. Went thru the Rein yesterday... it was magic. More castles than I ever imgagined.. pics to follow hopefully in the next few days. Cannot do it on these computers in cafes.