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18 Jul, 2008 - Visit to Munchlof Germany by Emil

The last few days have seen us all staying in this little village of Munchlof , which is in the district of Lohmar very near Bonn and Koln  The people we are staying with are Mara and Arno, a lovely young couple that had visited us in New Zealand 2 years ago   When they heard that we were so near the invitation to sleep and spend a few days relaxing in this beautiful area was accepted and all of us have been overwhelmed with their hospitality 

Mara"s  father has been our tour guide taking us bar hopping  and yesterday bike riding and sightseeing around the Rhein  to Koln and Bonn  The first day he had made us reservations at a local pub to taste the local food and beer and then take us to a Castle near Koln  Because it had started raining during lunch and somewhat delayed our sight seeing expedition  he introduced us to a game of German bowls This game is similar to 10 pin bowling but instead with a very narrow lane that has a slight curve in floor like a saucer  Talk about difficult and fun we were all in hysterics watching each other screw up  the day then saw us visiting Drachenfels and old castle sitting on a hill with panoramic views Very picture perfect despite the rain Then yesterday saw us peddling along the Rhein  a ride that took us down from Bonn on one side of the river for 15  ks  then crossing over by ferry to the other side and returning to Bonn where of coarse we quenched our thirst with another beer 

For the last weeks Ben and I have not be able to communicate with each other while riding due to a defective head set this has now all changed as i found a shop in Koln  that had the parts that I required Getting there though proved to be half the fun  Brenda Ruby and Noel went with  Wilfred  (Mara's dad ) to check out the church in Koln and Mara and I took the Victory into town  It was a change to have a blonde GPS sitting behind me pointing the right directions to me instead of a machine saying Recalculating when possible make a u turn and go back dumbkoff   Besides its not often that I will have such an attractive Young German holding on tight  Of coarse Noel mentioned that it was a miracle that the "GPS" worked at all because I couldn't turn it on 

Till next time  we will return to wards the end of  November (departure date) to fly to New York  and look forward to sharing more wonderful moments with these lovely people   Included in this is Mara's landlords Elvira and Heribert  We were invited to also share in Elviras Birthday drink  The lovely couple then invited us for lunch the next day and the six of us sat enjoying a superb meal speaking by sign language and smiles

THANK YOU ALL for a wonderful time   


Ruby will add her bit later