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This is where we'll update you on how our trip is going.

27 Jul, 2008 - Amsterdam bout the 18th - 20th July and til the 26th by Ruby

we hit Amsterdam fri afternoon and cruised the streets looking for an internet cafe or hotel. Found one, and Noel trudged off to try and find us accomodation. The cafe was called Mello Yellow.. and true to its name it sold maraujana as well as coffee. He didnt need to buy any cause the air was thick with it. But no luck so we rode off til we finally found a place that books hotels .... Lucky! cause some people off the street told us we wouldnt get anything under 120 euro. but no... we got a very nice hotel for 70euro per nite. Off to see the sights... did the touristy thing and wandered down the red light area to perv at the girls in the windows, and there were heaps of them. Mostly young and pretty.. wearing inacessable sexy lingerie, and talking on their cell phones bored out of their brains! besides the odd dragon that looked like she had been locked in her room for at least sixty years with only cigs for sustainance. But it was great! really interesting, but the bloody weather was crap... raining off and on all day. Which forced us to take cover in a pub a few times. Totally sick of beer, although they have very nice ones in europe. Then me and Noel decided we had to have a ( puff ) at a cafe over a coffee...you can smoke in cafes but not ment to on the street, tho heaps do. so Bren and Em wandered off and we all caught up again for dinner. Amsterdam is a buzzing place, really interesting. We met a really nice guy who showed us around a couple of nights, we didnt get to sleep til the am three nights in a row. So that was a well worth it stop over.  I hope to put some pics on tomorrow... so if you are reading this, recheck later OK? Nope... the pic thing isnt gonna happen til we can use our own computer.So Ill just carry on with my ramblings.. the day we left Woodbridge, which by the way is a delightful sea side village with some very freindly people. When we arrived Em stopped to ask a guy directions to our motel and chatted enough for the bloke, ( Patrick ) to introduce us to his resturant for lunch the next day, which we did. A very nice chap born and bred there. Anyway, we stayed an extra night because Noels headcold that laid him out, and we decided to ride to the nearest fish and chip shop for a change for dinner. Jeez!!! if we had of known the size of the fish portions we would have only ordered one!!! absolutly delisious, and topped off with a beer, yet another meal we didnt need. But I digress, the day we were leaving "finally" we had decided to stop at Lowestoft which was on the way to watch a air show. Us and 225 thousand other people crowded onto the surrounding beach and fair grounds to share in a brilliant spectacle of flying machines. There were allsorts... Spitfire, the new Euro fighter, Lancaster, ( absolutly beautiful ) Vulcan bomber, the Red Arrows, Wing walkers ( women ) Huricane, and probably others. the day was hot and clear and Ive got some real cool shots of them but you have to wait. It was a real neat day, all crammed in like sardines.. or by the looks of some of the bodies by the end of the day, more like red herrings! Noel spent quite a bit of time yakking to Don the pom who used to be in the R.A.F... he was a wealth of information. The English countryside is so beautiful, the lanes are good to ride thru.. pretty narrow mostly. When we were in a place in Brussels before we went thru the Chunnel we wandered the town, and beaches which just happened to be thier bank holiday, busy and windy and cold. They had not had the weather or the people that were expected tho. Anyway dad... we past this deli that had these huge blocks of pickled pig tongue, and pressed pig cheeks, and pig brawn... and I thought of you drewling. It fair made my mouth water... and we saw escadoes ready stuffed with garlic butter. Thats as close as I'm getting to them! then there was the raw... oh yes, I just remember, when we were with Mara's dad in Colone for the day we stopped at one of the oldest pubs for a beer and a snack. Well Wolfred the dad recommended this thing for us.... you should have seen Noels face when it arrived. It was a cut roll with RAW MINCE and chopped up RAW ONIONS!! anyone who knows Noel would understand his reaction. It was sooo funny Noel was pukey just looking at it, and Wolfred was upset that he had misunderstood our needs. Well me and Emil ate them, and really... they were fine, very mild mince which I guess is pig, as most all thier meat is in Germany. Anyway back at the deli... we watched as a lady bought two of them for her dinner, much to Noels disgust. So we wandered off for something more conventional, oh yes, they also sell Boo Boos here at 1 euro per pound. Leaving Oostend / Brussels along the coast we saw heaps of old guns from the war... tho this part was not invaded. The place really reminded us of Piahia in the summer. The Chunnel trip was neat, another thing to tick off our list, tho Noel was still crook. Colone was absolutly stunning... some of the history, they had just dug up some water ways that were in the Jewish quarter from the Roman days. Its all so mind boggling, this history that surrounds us over here, most of which happened before good old NZ was even thought of.