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02 Aug, 2008 - Inveraray Scotland by Emil

Well its been awhile since I have written anything in the Journal so now I have the opportunity I hope I can add something useful 

The riding around Scotland has taken us from the Southern East Coast  up to Edinburgh , then up to Inverness , The  first place we visited  and stayed in was a little village called Harrington.  Then we rode into Edinburgh early the next morning   As it was raining and as we had our wet gear on, we took the easy option and jumped on a double Decker bus and did a one hour tour of the city  Hence a lot of pics  After a coffee we decided to carry on as far as we could go. On the way we happened to come  upon a sign which read Balm oral Castle, so we duly headed off to see the Queen  She was in residence but  we were told she was not accepting visitors that day by the kind bobby, who was standing on guard at the front gate

That night we stayed in a B and B in Inverness walking distance to town , a very pretty town but I am seeing it in the summer so would  have to say it could be a terrible place in the winter but I wont make that assumption until Ive been there at that time off the year The evening proved to be on out of the box and it was so pleasant to walk around town after dinner The lighted castle, the river , the bridges, and the flowering Begonias which seem to flourish in this climate              

 The next day we were off to visit Nessie at Lock Ness but again she was not at home either but we did have an interesting ride through some of Scotland that we may have never seen had it not been for the GPS   Fortunately this time  it was planned and not like other times it has taken us cross- country at its own free will

This short-cut took us through a huge valley on narrow roads with places to pass every so often, at least it was tar sealed going over cattle grids and streams , but it did have grass in the middle of the road  We were surrounded by sheep and   Highland cattle with the hills towering in the distance  After a while we were in need of a pit stop and refreshments which included a drink out of a fast flowing stream Tonight we are in Inveteracy in another B&B so tomorrow its off to Ireland

Pic #1 Castle Invernss                                         Pic #2 Bobby @ Balmoral                       Pic  # 3    Silly  buggers



Pic # 4 Scot River                                                                                                                         Pic  # 5  Highlands heather
Pic  # 6 Highland ride

Pic  # 7   Highlands Bridge                                                                                                                                         Pic  # 8  Move Over