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This is where we'll update you on how our trip is going.

05 Aug, 2008 - Belfast.... to Kilmacrenan by Ruby

Well we have just had two fabulous days in Belfast with our friends Martin and Andrew and huge boxer bitch called Lila, which me and Noel took on one of our runs... well the first couple of Kms she almost pulled my arm out of its socket, but we soon got the better of her and settled down to a more sedate pace. We all met the boys on our Queen Mary 2 trip, and they invited us to stay...... well they totally spoiled us with food... drink.. and laughs. Cheers guys will see you on our return. When we left Scotland on the 3rd I think.. it was lovely and warm and sunny, the minute we hit Ireland it was raining.We actually stopped at a café before heading down the way for the ferry, and got chatting to Ron, Bill, and Pamela who were cops on bikes doing a navigational competition.. well they had completed it and were on their way back to Belfast so what with the bikes and traveling we had a bit to share... but they did say if we needed any help just to Ph. and after giving us some spots to see in Ireland rode off to catch their own ferry which they had booked. As it happens it was the same one as we had chosen but not booked, and when we finally arrived with what seemed like minutes to spare, and about 100 vespas on a rally we didn't think we had much chance. But luck would have it we got on. Met up with the cops again whilst waiting to tie down the bikes for another yak. 1,1/2 hours later on the biggest flashest ferry we had ever been on we all piled down to the bikes to disembark, and Ron and the others offered to ride us to our destination!!! how cool is that! our own police escort! people are so kind, it makes you smile all over. We went and saw and walked over the Carrick - a - red bridge it is a huge tourist thingy and we had to wait almost an hour on either side of the bridge! fishermen used it in the old days to get the best places to catch the passing migrating salmon. Absolutely beautiful piece of sea and cliffs. But it put us off seeing the giants causeway because there were even more people and longer lines of people waiting, and what looked like hundreds of cars waiting.

pics in order... the giant causeway ( a pic of a pic )....      the bridge........ Bren and Em  leaving Scotland....... our ferry to ireland........tying down the bikes in the ferry.......    reflective loch in Scotland